E-learning for Protected Areas, 2nd Edition

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On February  1st, a new online training for Protected Area Specialists will start in Romania. The platform www.proparktraining.ro, created in 2015, opens now its third edition to 49 participants who are directly or indirectly involved in the management of Protected Areas, and motivated students that want to start working for Protected Areas. 

A flexible schedule, an interactive learning process and, most important, a pertinent content of high relevance for protected area professionals (topics & practice) are the main reasons for attending this training. During 6 weeks of intensive study within the virtual platform, the romanian students will be evaluated, and,  based on the results, the first 15 students will participate in a ”face to face” session, in order to become certified Protected Area Specialists in Romania.

In the meantime, ProPark Foundation for Protected Areas, is analysing the feedback and experience gathered in the previous versions in 2015, improving materials in order to create a dynamic and “fresh” way of learning.

DBU platform

ProPark E-learning website

This is a real challenge for all the trainers who are working right now, discussing solutions, exchanging experiences – especially after the training events – , all to improve the content and offer a better experience of learning  on the online platform

said Georgiana Andrei, Project Manager.

The platform is developed within the project „Increasing education opportunities on sustainable development for Protected Area managers in Romania“, implemented by Propark Foundation for Protected Areas with the support of EUROPARC Federation and funded by DBU – Deutsche Bundesstiftung Umwelt (German Federal Foundation Environment).

More info about the project available here.

For more information contact Georgiana Andrei from ProPark.