EUROPARC Annual Report 2016 is out

Parc Jura vaudois, Switzerland, photo by Serge Goy

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The EUROPARC Federation is proud to present you the Annual Report of 2016. This year we have a new look and structure to provide you a clearer view on how we are implementing the EUROPARC Strategy 2015-2021.

Download the Annual Report in English, German or French.

2016 was again an exciting journey, where we experienced the beauty, the power and the resilience of the full EUROPARC constituency.

says Ignace Schops, EUROPARC President, adding the important merging process with FEDENATUR, with which “we gained extra expertise, strengthened our European leading position and widened our family.

EUROPARC Annual report follows now the 4 Themes of EUROPARC Strategy 2015-2021 for an easier understanding on how we are implementing it.

Travel across our four priority areas and discover the activities and projects we’ve undertaken in 2016.  In particular, the work we do to lobby on behalf of our member’s interest is highlighted in blue throughout the report.

The Annual Report will also bring updates provided by EUROPARC Sections, in chapter 5: our European Network, showing the work done at a national and regional level across Europe.

Download the Annual Report in English, German or French.

EUROPARC is the voice of Protected Areas in Europe. We unite national, regional and periurban parks, nature and biosphere reserves, marine and landscape protected areas, together with a large number of Natura 2000 sites in 37 countries. Discover more about us.