International Junior Ranger Camp 2017 – summary.

Junior Rangers at Junior Ranger Camp 2017. Photo by Swiss Rangers

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Last week, between the 17th and 22nd of July, the 16th edition of the International Junior Ranger Camp took place in Habkern, Switzerland. In this occasion, the camp was organised by the Swiss Rangers under the theme “Team Nature”, and 45 participants representing 14 parks from 10 countries attended to it. The Swiss team offered to the participants a very fun and diverse programme.

A wide range of activities

Among the activities planned, the Junior Rangers had the opportunity to learn some techniques for the maintenance of the Alpine meadows maintenance and contribute to it with some practical work. Furthermore, the Mentors that accompanied the Junior Rangers also shared some expertise and knowledge on some amazing skills such as building a rope with grass, light a fire with sticks and stones or tie a Monkey’s fist-knot.

Junior Rangers jumping over a grass-made rope

Junior Rangers jumping over a grass-made rope. Photo by Swiss Rangers.

However, there was also some time for travelling, at least with the mind, to other parts of Europe. For this, the Junior Rangers did a short presentation of their parks to the rest of the participants and shared some of their local delicacies with the rest of the team.

But the activities did not ended there, as exploring the surrounding areas that conform the Swiss landscape and visiting a cheese factory.

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