EUROPARC Annual Report 2017

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The EUROPARC Federation Annual Report 2017 is now available for download in English, German and French. The Report provides a clear view of how we are working to achieve a Sustainable Nature, Valued by People, through the implementation of the EUROPARC Strategy 2015-2021.

Travel across our four priority areas and discover the activities and projects that the Federation undertook in 2017. In particular, the policy work we do to in Brussels highlighted in blue throughout the report.

In 2017, we successfully undertook new challenges and engaged in new opportunities, advancing the implementation of EUROPARC Strategy 2015-2021.

wrote Ignace Schops on his welcome message to the Annual Report 2017, congratulating all those who have contributed to the work delivered by the Federation: Sections, Directorate and Commissions.

2017 was also a year of change within EUROPARC, with the election of the new Council members, the re-election of Ignace Schops as EUROPARC President, and the official integration of FEDENATUR into the Federation, at EUROPARC General Assembly in the Portuguese Magic Mountains.

Download the full report in English, German or French.

The EUROPARC Annual Reports from previous years are available for download from EUROPARC Library.