Europarc Atlantic Isles: first webinar in 2019

Europarc Atlantic Isles

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Europarc Atlantic Islesis is offering its first webinar for 2019 providing an opportunity to exchange information and expertise in an easily accessible format usually lasting about one hour.

The next webinar will be on Friday February 8th at 12.00 o’ clock.

It will provide a preview of the newly developed peatland-tailored User Guide on methods to value the benefits from restoration as part of the series on Peat and Moorland management.

The Moors For the Future Partnership (MFFP), the Yorkshire Peat Partnership (YPP) and the University of Leeds have developed a guide to help peatland restoration practitioners and anyone interested in peatlands value the socio-economic benefits of their restoration. The interactive ‘User Guide’, developed as part of the Yorkshire integrated Catchment Solutions Programme (iCASP), will help peatland practitioners better understand methods for valuing peatland’s ecosystem services, get an idea of the existing evidence on values, and make the case for investment in restoration.

Before the webinar you will get a sneak preview of the User Guide!

You will need to sign up via the EAI webpage here for the webinar!

Until the February 8th, you can listen to all the previous webinars here