Sustainable Tourism Meeting in Greece: Parks in Europe looking for a Sustainable Response to Tourism


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From April 9th – 11th Paramanta town, Greece will be the meeting point for professionals working and interested in sustainable tourism. Technicians working in European nature and national parks, as well as businesses and tour operators, will join the XI Charter Network Meeting to discuss how to provide a sustainable response to the social and cultural challenges that tourism brings.

With tourism growing at an unprecedented rate all over Europe, and with the tourism industry currently accounting for over 10% of Europe’s GDP, there are numerous challenges arising in over-visited destinations. One of the invited key speakers will share their experience in managing visitors in one of the most visited parks of Italy, the 5 Terre National Park.

If sustainably managed, tourism has the potential to promote social development through employment creation, economic activities and even strengthen communities through the reaffirmation of culture, tradition, and values. Sofia Pachini from the European Commission- DG Environment will speak about opportunities for sustainable tourism embracing natural and cultural heritage in nature protected areas, and a young entrepreneur will share his success story in building up a tourism business based on the principles of eco and sustainable tourism.


While keynote speakers will bring expert consideration of the social and cultural impacts of tourism on communities, practical workshops will give participants the possibility to learn new competences. Storytelling, setting up touristic packages that work, and managing visitor flows in destinations are some of the topics that will be covered in the workshops.

Participation is open to all professionals working for Protected Areas, but also to tourism entrepreneurs and tour agencies working in sustainable tourism. The participation fee is 70€ for EUROPARC members and enterprises working in EUROPARC Sustainable Destinations, and 90€ for non – members.

There will be several networking opportunities, and a full day field trip to discover the Tzoumerka, Acheloos Valley, Agrafa and Meteora National Park. Registrations are open.

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If you need any further information you will get them here. You can also download or take a look at the complete agenda here.

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The European Charter for Sustainable Tourism in Protected Areas, is a practical management tool implemented in over 100 nature protected areas across Europe. Through a strong participatory process, Protected Areas become EUROPARC Sustainable Destinations: delivering social, economic and environmental benefits to the area, in a way that preserves the existing culture, allowing growth and development.

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