We stand with the World’s Rangers – World Ranger Day 2019

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Join the celebration of the World Ranger Day 2019, an action promoted by the International Ranger Federation and Thin Green Line foundation.

Stand with the Rangers!

Rangers are the first line in Protected Areas devoted to safeguarding our Parks and the landscapes and wildlife they hold. This day is a celebration of their work as committed and brave guards of the natural heritage and to commemorate and honour the memory of those who unfortunately each year, due to the threats they face, are no longer with us.

Today is a day to be thankful for their bravery and courage and for remember the sacrifice of the Rangers that died on service.

We don’t forget you. We stand with you. 

Join the event 

Support this cause and help others to pause themselves for a moment and reflect!

  • Host a local event: acknowledge the rangers work and make others learn about their great labour.
  • Honour the Fallen Rangers: pause for a moment what you are doing, remember them and be thankful.
  • Raise Funds: help Rangers around the world to get equipment and training and support the families of the fallen Rangers.
  • Post on Social Media: Post pictures of yourself holding the World Ranger Day sign “I Stand with the Rangers” and show others what they are doing for everyone.

You can download from the official Website of the International Ranger Federation the banners, flyers, and the poster “I Stand with the Rangers”

You can share your actions in the Facebook of the International Ranger Federation and The Thin Green Line Foundation.

And if you are a Park, there are many activities that you can organise such as small excursions, invite rangers from others Parks, talk with visitors and partners about the Ranger work, visit a School to engage young people with this work and award the Rangers that made a special contribution to Protected Areas.

We already did!

Left: Executive Director Carol Ritchie \ Right: EUROPARC President Ignace Schops