New Brochure on LIFE projects

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In this new Brochure on LIFE projects, you can learn more about nature conservation initiatives in Europe.

Interested in learning more about nature conservation projects in Europe? Then have a look at the new brochure on LIFE projects, published by EASME.

The brochure can be found here.

There are many NGOs in Europe all working towards the same goal: nature protection. A great deal are receive funding from the EU’s LIFE programme. 3.46 billion is allocated to LIFE, making it the main funding instrument of the EU for the environment and climate action created in 1992. In the latest brochure, some of these NGO grantees and their projects are highlighted, as a reminder of the recent achievements of NGO networks in the protection and promotion of biodiversity in the EU.

EUROPARC’s projects on sustainable tourism and transboundary cooperation can also be found in the brochure. Some great initiatives, like advanced booking systems that allow authorities to minimise the number of tourists on particularly popular trails, or sustainably run restaurants are highlighted. Pasvik-Inari Trilateral Park gets a honorable mention, as EUROPARC’s only transboundary park that crosses the borders of three different countries.

Nature knows no national boundaries, so we need to come together to preserve it.

With the added pressures of tourism due to COVID, as well as the sudden closing of the borders, these programmes are more important than ever. To properly protect nature in Europe, we must come together and work on our shared goals.

Additionally, you will find articles related to saving sturgeons in the Danube, natural climate buffers in the Netherlands, the restoration of wetlands in the Rhine basin as a nature-based solution to floods and droughts and much more.

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