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Every year, the EUROPARC journal ‘Protected Areas In-Sight’ brings you the highlights of our annual Conference. It includes best practice on a wide range of topics, relevant for all nature and Protected Area professionals. You can now read the 13th edition online!

Parks in the Spotlight. Powered by People; Inspired by Nature…

… was the theme of our Conference in 2021. From different European policies, to the big increase in visitors during COVID-19, Protected Areas are gaining attention everywhere. In our Protected Areas In-Sight this year, we look at different ways Parks can deal with this spotlight they are under.

As our planet currently faces multiple challenges, we need to remember that Parks and Protected Areas hold the key to finding natural solutions. In this context, strong capacity building for nature professionals, involvement of multiple stakeholders, and adaption to climate change are key.

Says our Executive Director, Carol Ritchie.

In this issue, you can find different readings and food for thought on Rewilding in Europe, COP26, capacity building and the role of Periurban parks for a green and healthy Europe. It also features best practice examples on climate change adaptation, youth involvement and visitor management. Additionally, we had a closer look at the relation between health and nature and the importance of partnerships for nature.

Additionally, as a tribute to the 20 years anniversary of the European Charter for Sustainable Tourism, the journal includes a section with viewpoints from those who were part of the beginning of this pioneering project.

Contributions have come from Rewilding Europe, the European Network for Outdoor Sports, EUROPARC Council Members, Fungobe and many more. We thank all that have contributed to this edition of our journal.

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The Protected Areas In-Sight is annually produced by EUROPARC in English, French and German. You can download the version you need below. Our members will receive a paper copy in the upcoming weeks.

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