The Time is Now for Nature Restoration

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On the 15.06. the ENVI Committee of the European Parliament is voting on the Nature Restoration Law. The EUROPARC Federation underlines that adapting the law is essential, for people and for nature.

The Time is Now. For People and Nature.

The Time is Now for an ambitious EU Nature Restoration Law. EUROPARC is calling on MEPs and EU Member States to approve the law.

Europe needs a clear and ambitious legislation to drive the restoration of nature. This is a great opportunity to complement EU nature directives, progress on global targets for biodiversity and build the path for our future.

Michael Hošek.

Says EUROPARC President Michael Hošek: “Our predecessors have been brave and ambitious, setting the largest network of Protected Areas across the globe, joining forces to halt the loss of biodiversity and building fruitful environmental legislation in Europe. The time is Now to build on the same vision and restore Europe’s environment for the benefit of biodiversity and to secure the health and wealth of our communities and economies.”

On the 15th of June the ENVI Committee of the European Parliament and subsequently the EU Environment Council on the 20th of June, will both take crucial decisions for the future of Nature Restoration in Europe. Now is the Time to make positive decisions for Europe’s Future.

EUROPARC will assist National, Regional authorities and Protected Areas across Europe to successfully deliver new restoration plans.

Our Protected Areas across Europe are essential to restore what was lost, to support restoration planning in broader landscapes and to protect restored areas.

The Time is Now for Protected Areas to be the building blocks of a Restored Nature.

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EUROPARC is among the signatories of the #RestoreNature Statement