The 2015 edition of the European Day of Park was a great success, but the celebrations are not over!

European Day of Parks 2015 © EUROPARC Federation

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The EUROPARC‬ Federation would like to thank you all for your participation for the European Day of Parks 2015‬. Once again, it has been a real success!

On European Day of Parks 2015, we showed that Nature is our Business. In 23 countries across Europe on Sunday, 24th May, national parks, nature reserves and other Protected Areas opened their doors to visitors on the European Day of Parks 2015.

More than 80 Protected Areas celebrated and raised the value and benefits of Nature, and hundreds of special activities demonstrated how Nature is good for business.

From Iceland to Italy and from Finland to France around this one day, thousands of people shared their love of nature and the local culture.

For example in Bussaco National Forest (PT) you could become a biologist for a day! The Bussaco Forest Foundation, in collaboration with the University of Aveiro and the Project ‘Biodiversity for All’ (Milene Matos), invited all the nature-lovers to a whole day dedicated to the exploration and interpretation of biodiversity.

Whereas in Slovenia, at Triglav National Park guided tours of Pocar homestead, workshops for children, opening of painting exposition and presentation of the Slovakian Protected Areas were amongst the festival of fun!

We hope you all had fun and a great time this weekend celebrating the European Day of Parks! If this special day has just come to a close, is does not mean that the celebrations are over: there will be some events happening until this summer to celebrate our Nature‬ in Europe so keep looking on our calendar of events.

For more information, please visit our dedicated webpage.