Wood biomass and protected areas: a valuable link between nature and economic development

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“Steps in setting up wood biomass production chains in protected areas”

In the framework of the Intelligent Energy Europe, under the project BioEuParks, the Slovenian Forestry Institute launched a comprehensive manual about how to establish a wood biomass production chain, which intends to help parks administration on their decision-making process.  It introduces different options for the supply chain and identifies data and information needed before taking the final decision.

To consider the parks as main actors in a biomass supply chain means to invest in a process based on the respect for nature, and the preservation of the ecosystem and biodiversity as starting points. At the same time, this choice implies a new way of looking at the role of parks; not only as a body in charge of managing natural and protected areas, but also a key actor with the ability to trigger a new way of local development matching nature conservation, and social and economic growth.

Download the guide here and check the project’s website.