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Sustainable Tourism

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Sustainable tourism is one of the core areas of the EUROPARC Federation and we are proud to announce that a new partnership agreement has just been signed with the Tourism for Tomorrow Awards. The Tourism for Tomorrow Awards is an initiative led by the World Travel & Tourism Council that annually recognises organisations who “ensure the long-term sustainable growth of the tourism industry”.

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EUROPARC President, Ignace Schops, emphasises that

EUROPARC and the Tourism for Tomorrow Awards share a common view for tourism in Europe: green, sustainable and with positive impacts in the local livelihoods. More than that, we both know that working in partnership is the best way to develop tourism sustainably.

With this agreement, EUROPARC strengthened its relation with the World Travel & Tourism Council and enlarge the visibility of both awarding schemes for sustainable destinations. In other hand, all the Sustainable Destinations and respective Partners that have been following the European Charter for Sustainable Tourism in Protected Areas standards, have here a good opportunity to have world wide recognition of their work!

Sustainable Tourism in Protected Areas: a 20 years journey

Tourism is a booming business and Parks are, more than ever, epicentres of touristic activities. EUROPARC has long recognised the need to take care of both the land and the people who live and work there, and make tourism an opportunity that is “Good for Parks, Good for People”.

When, in 1993, the Federation published the ground breaking report “Loving Them to Death”, was far to imagine that, 23 years after, there would be over 150 sustainable destinations in Europe awarded with the European Charter for Sustainable Tourism in Protected Areas (ECSTPA). The ECSTPA is a practical management tool that enables Protected Areas to develop tourism sustainably, by working in partnership with all local relevant stakeholders. During the process, the local community, enterprises and Park authorities develop a common vision for the territory and implement an action plan towards achieving higher quality and sustainability in their touristic offer. The award, given by EUROPARC, recognises not just a commitment to sustainable tourism but also the implementation of practical sustainable actions by public and private partners.

To learn more about the European CharterforSustainable Tourism read the manual “Good forParks, Good for People”.

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Good for Parks, Good for People – ECST benefits, conditions and guidelines

Tourism for Tomorrow Awards

The WTTC Tourism for Tomorrow Awards is aimed at recognising best practices in sustainable tourism within the industry globally, based upon the principles of environmentally friendly operations; support for the protection of cultural and natural heritage; and direct benefits to the social and economic well-being of local people in travel destinations around the world.

Candidates can apply to one of the 5 categories: Community, Destination, Environment, Innovation and People. Applications are open until the 14th November and are free of charge. Both profit and non-profit organisation can apply. Read here the Rules and Guidelines to apply and some useful information here.

EUROPARC encourages all Sustainable Destinations and Partners working with the ECSTPA to apply and get world wide recognition!