EUROPARC webinar: Working together in Sustainable Destinations

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Working together in Sustainable Destinations

 16th April – 15:00 CEST


For over 20 years, EUROPARC has been supporting Protected Areas becoming Sustainable Destinations, with the development of the European Charter for Sustainable Tourism in Protected Areas (ECSTPA).

The core element of the Charter is working in partnership with all relevant stakeholders to develop a common sustainable tourism strategy and an action plan on the basis of a thorough situation analysis. The aim of all Charter projects and activities is the protection of the natural and cultural heritage along with the continuous improvement of tourism for the Park, its visitors, local population and businesses.

On this EUROPARC webinar, we will hear the experience of two Sustainable Destinations who have established long-lasting and successful relations with their local community. We will learn how to develop and maintain an active Sustainable Tourism Forum, and how to engage successfully with business partners, especially for the development of Charter part 2.

The webinar will be presented by Patrizia Rossi, previous President of the EUROPARC Federation and previous Director of the Alpi Marittime Nature Park in Italy, and currently Chair of the Evaluation Committee of the ECSTPA. With almost 2 decades of experience working with the Charter and developing the guidelines, Patrizia will give us an overview of the methodology as a participatory process.
Two case studies from the Charter Network, EUROPARC’s network of Sustainable Destinations, will be presented:

Sustainable Tourism Forum of La Garrotxa Nature Park © Park Archive

Case Study 1

Forums that work: the Sustainable Tourism Forum in La Garrotxa

by Josep Maria Prats, Zona Volcanica de La Garrotxa Nature Park, Catalonia, Spain

Since 2001, the Zona Volcanica de la Garrotxa Nature Park in Catalonia, Spain, has been working in close cooperation with its local community, who is involved in the Sustainable Tourism Forum.

The Park was one of the first implementing the Charter methodology, and since then it has been rewarded 3 times more.

During the presentation, we will hear the experience of La Garrotxa in the creation of their Sustainable Tourism Forum and the main challenges and outcomes of working together.

Josep Maria Prats was responsible for the implementation and development of the Charter in La Garrotxa. He was also member of the first committee who developed the guidelines for the methodology and is currently a member of the ECSTPA Evaluation Committee.

Honey producer in the Livradois-Forez Nature Regional Park © Park Archive

Case Study 2

Business and community: common vision and shared goals for Sustainable Tourism

by Caroline Le Roy, Livradois-Forez Nature Regional Park, France

Livradois-Forez Nature Regional Park was first awarded the ECSTPA in 2005 and since 2011 has been actively engaging business partners, following the methodology of Charter Part 2.

Currently, over 30 different businesses are working to develop a better tourism for the region, in straight cooperation with the Park. We will learn how Livradois-Forez is helping them achieving their goals, making tourism good for parks and good for people.

Caroline Le Roy is Sustainable Tourism Manager at Livradois-Forez Nature Regional Park and in charge of the development, promotion and activation of the ECSTPA.

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