A new logo, a new life: European Charter for Sustainable Tourism in Protected Areas

Logo of "The Charter"

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What was pretty 20 years ago might not fit with the current aesthetic standards, and in the case of the Charter for Sustainable Tourism in Protected Areas, the first graphics created were not even focused on looking good. The first logo dates from the early 2000´s and was created under a project supported by BfN, that was rather centered in consolidating the methodology than on communications. Few attention was given to graphics, communications and design, until today…

A new logo through a participatory process?

The rebranding process started in Portugal, during the 9th Charter Network Meeting – 2015. Within a workshop, a group of park representatives, tour operators and businesses working with the Charter, analysed the personality and identity. The participants defined the inner dimension of the ECSTPA – its personality, core values and communication needs.

Later, a commission on Marketing and Communications composed by members of the network and experts in the field of communication and sustainable tourism was set up to develop the strategic objectives and propose a set of activities for the ECSTPA. The process lasted three years, involved over 50 participants of the network, accounted with over eight days of working sessions involving both the commission members and participants of the IX and X Charter Network Meeting, and was open to the participation of all members of the ECSTPA through qualitative online surveys.

EUROPARC, the home of the Charter, wants a network that is highly recognised by peers and partners across Europe. For that, we need stronger communications.

Leading the way in Sustainable Tourism for Europe‘s Protected Areas

The Charter is about bringing people together, provide them a framework to work collaboratively, towards becoming a sustainable destination. Sustainability is a continuous process of enhancing quality with all local actors. The new logo of the Charter aims to represent this 4 core values, while celebrating the excellence of our network of Sustainable Destinations.

  • Union & Connection
  • Care & Respect
  • Dynamism
  • Sustainability

Charter logo, graphic guidelines

Graphic Guidelines – Coherence, Consistency, Resonance

EUROPARC created Graphic guidelines to establish a common ground and a storyline for this new phase in the life of the ECSTPA.

We need to maintain coherence across the multiple channels and entities that use the logo. Consistency is essential to enhance the benefits of Parks and Partners. A resonating brand depends on the discipline of all who are permitted to use the logo.

Please respect the guidelines while using the logotype in your publications, promotional materials and website. If you have any doubt or need help to better adapt the logo, do not hesitate to contact the Federation to office @ europarc.org.

ECSTPA Graphic guidelines 

Logos for Parks, Partners and Tour Operators

EUROPARC developed  different versions to be used by:

Sustainable Destinations – Parks awarded with European Charter for Sustainable Tourism in Protected Areas

Sustainable Partners, following the Charter Part II methodology

Sustainable Tour Operators, following the Charter Part III methodology

Download the versions you need!

Below you can download the different language versions, for Parks, Partners and Tour Operators. If you do not find your language below, contact us and we will be delighted to create a new version for you.

Chose on the links below which versions you need. An automatic download should start after you click. Each folder contains:

  • 2 coloured versions with background (.png and .jpg)
  • 1 coloured version without background (.png)
  • 1 white version without background (.png)
  • 1 Vector file (.eps)

English  Parks   Partners   Tour operators

French  Parks   Partners  Tour Operators

German  Parks  Partners  Tour Operators

Italian  Parks  Partners  Tour operators

Latvian  Parks   Partners   Tour Operators

Spanish  Parks   Partners  Tour Operators

The European Charter for Sustainable Tourism in Protected Areas (ECSTPA) is a management tool that enables Parks to develop tourism sustainability. With over 20 years of existence and a network of hundreds of Sustainable Destinations in 19 countries, the Charter is widely recognised as a methodology that effectively supports Parks in:

  • establish better relations with local partners, entrepreneurs and inhabitants;
  • develop a common and inclusive strategy for the territory (wider than the Park);
  • improve the quality of touristic experiences offered to visitors;
  • promote cooperation between small, medium and large businesses working in the area, and stimulate a bottom-up approach for the development of combined packages
  • increase the reputation and visibility of the Park and the region