Climate change is upon us. Let us rise to the challenge, together!

Credit: NASA/Reid Wiseman

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EUROPARC is happy to announce the start of a new ambitious 5-year project, NaturAdapt, which will participate to produce a response to this challenge. The main objective is to support protected area management to adapt to climate change.

Réserves Naturelles de France, EUROPARC and eight partners have come together in this LIFE Climate Action project to transform this challenge into an opportunity to innovate. NaturAdapt aims at triggering a transition towards the adaptive management of protected areas in Europe, while laying the foundations of a dynamic collective learning process.

>>> All you need to know (or almost) about the project <<<

Your experience is important to us!

We want to build upon existing best practices and meet the needs of people in the field. We will run an in-depth survey at the end of 2018 and early in 2019.  Stay tuned!

In the meantime, if you have any experience in or questions about adaptive management of protected areas and/or climate change, we’d be delighted to talk about it with you! Just shoot us an email!

Olivier de Sadeleer joined EUROPARC in October 2018 to manage the Life NaturAdapt Project. Olivier is our expert in climate change, working from our office in Brussels.

We take the opportunity to introduce our new colleague, Olivier de Sadeleer, who joined EUROPARC in October to manage this project.

N.B.:This project is being developed with enthusiastic support of European Commission’s LIFE program  [LIFE17 CCA/FR/000089], Agence Française de la Biodiversité and Ministère de la Transition Ecologique et Solidaire