Cairngorms Youth Action is recruiting!

Source: Cairngorms National Park website.

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The Cairngorms Youth Action Team was officially launched on Monday 7th October by Mairi Gougeon, the Minister for the Environment and Rural Affairs. The Team is now looking for people aged 14-26 years from all over Scotland, who want to get involved in the future of the Cairngorms National Park.

Join the Cairngorms Youth Action Team

Cairngorms Youth Action is a new project developed by the Cairngorms National Park Authority to help address the issues identified by young people and outlined in the EUROPARC Youth Manifesto.

On the occasion of launching the Cairngorms Youth Action, the Minister for the Environment and Rural Affairs, Mairi Gougeon, said:

It is vital that Scotland’s young people are listened to and included in decisions that affect their future, and the Cairngorms Youth Action project will do just that: empowering young people to play a strong role in creating a sustainable future for the Cairngorms – a vital piece of our natural heritage.

Cairngorms Youth Action aims to:

  • be the voice of youth in the Park by recruiting young people to form the Cairngorms Youth Action Team.
  • develop a procedure to fund young people’s ideas about living, learning and working in the Park by giving them a grant.
  • organise educational, exciting and innovative events for young people in the Park.

Apply now!

Do you live in Scotland and are you between 14 and 26 years old? Do you want to participate in a meaningful and representative discussion about issues related to the park with a group of your peers? If you would like to join, apply here and someone will be in touch. For more information on the application process, email

Watch a short introductory video made by the Cairngorms Youth Action Team:


Cairngorms Youth Action is an empowering and inspiring platform for young people to share and develop ideas that lead to proactive participation in decision making. It will engage with the natural and cultural heritage of local rural communities and enable young people to tackle issues and create positive change.

By including the voice of young people and their constantly evolving ideas, we can create a sustainable future for our park.

About the Youth Manifesto

The EUROPARC Youth Manifesto is a source of ideas and inspiration for decision-makers in Protected Areas and rural communities to ensure the involvement and empowerment of young people. Being the the decision makers of tomorrow, young people play an important role in looking after Europe’s Protected Areas. They should be given the chance to have a say and help leading the way to a sustainable future of our parks already today.

It is vital that young people get involved in the governance of Protected Areas, so they can share their perspectives on the issues that will impact their future development and that of our natural and cultural heritage. And it is now that they can develop the skills it will take to manage resilient parks and build sustainable communities.

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