SEE project: Report into broader sustainability issues for Outdoor Sports

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The SEE project aims to better understand the effects of Outdoor Sports in natural and Protected Areas, as well as globally, considering climate change and other issues.

Moreover, it aims to identify good practices from within the sector and develop resources and methodologies that can enable greater environmental responsibility by Outdoor Sports practitioners.

BeActive… BeOutdoors… BeSustainable

It is undeniable that our decisions about how we travel, what we eat, and the equipment we use in our sports practices affect the natural environment. We need to do everything we can to reduce, if not eliminate, the negative impacts.

Outdoor Sports and physical activity in natural settings can help connect people to nature and create strong empathy for environmental issues. However, Outdoor Sports enthusiasts can also have an impact on the local and global environment.

Report into broader sustainability issues for Outdoor Sports.

The first publication of the SEE Project “Perceived Issues from Outdoor Sports in Protected Areas” highlighted the issues that Outdoor Sports can create in the natural environment and particularly in Protected Areas at the local level.

This new report will focus on the broader issues often but not solely associated with emissions of greenhouse gases and climate change. There are nine identified key areas where Outdoor Sports practitioners can have impact and each of these will be examined in the report:

  • Mobility and Travel
  • Equipment and consumption
  • Waste and use of unsustainable materials
  • Infrastructure
  • Food and drink
  • Social media and communication
  • Events – problem or opportunity
  • Environmental and nature connectedness
  • Championing climate action and being nature advocates
Report into broader sustainability issues for Outdoor Sports.

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Visit the official SEE project website for more information.

SEE project at the EUROPARC Conference

The SEE project was recently a part of the EUROPARC Conference that took place from May 2 – 6 in Neusiedler See – Seewinkel National Park in Austria. The project was presented during the Speakers’ Corner session, as well as in the Market Place. It was a great pleasure to introduce our work to new audiences and familiarise them with everything we have achieved so far.

SEE project at Speakers’ Corner – The EUROPARC Conference 2022

10 Good Principles for Outdoor Sports

Are you a practitioner of outdoor sports? Or a Protected Area that wants to raise awareness on proper behaviour? Then have a look at the 10 Good Principles for Outdoor Sports in Protected Areas that EUROPARC developed together with ENOS.

10 good principles for outdoor sports

The SEE project is an extensive collaboration with partners from across Europe. It has received funding from the ERASMUS+ Programme of the European Union.