SEE Project Webinar: Strengthening the partnership between Outdoor Sports and Protected Areas

Photo by: Sebastian Freiler

Published on:
  • 26th of May
  • 09:30 CEST
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Outdoor Sports effectively combine the positive outcomes of physical activity and being in nature, and make an important contribution to economic and social cohesion and more integrated societies. But at the same time, Outdoor Sports can have a high impact on the natural environment.

Have you ever wondered how Outdoor Sports and Protected Areas can work together to eliminate negative impacts and build a healthy environment?

If you are an outdoor lover that believes our community is stronger together, you need to join the free webinar session created within the Sustainability and Environmental Education in Outdoor Sports (SEE) project!

It will present the goals and first outcomes of the SEE project, as well as introduce you to the Take Care of Your Trails campaign.
During this webinar, you will also have an opportunity to express your opinion in an interactive session that will help us learn from each other’s experiences.

Webinar Programme

Welcome and Introduction to the webinar
By Sandra Grego – EUROPARC´s Project Officer and Communications Assistant.

SEE Project: an insight into project’s goals and first results
By Teresa Pastor – EUROPARC´s Project Manager

The SEE Project aims to enhance the protection of natural landscapes through education in and through sport with a special focus on responsible outdoor behaviour and skills development for Outdoor Sports leaders, trainers, guides, or instructors. Reports produced within this project focus on perceived issues from Outdoor Sports in Protected Areas, as well as broader sustainability issues for Outdoor Sports.

Take Care of Your Trails campaign
By Mark Torsius – General Manager, International Mountain Bicycling Association Europe

Take Care of Your Trails is IMBA Europe’s (International Mountain Bicycling Association) annual campaign aiming to encourage and promote volunteer-based trail maintenance events across Europe & improve the image of Mountain Biking.
It offers a chance for people to give back to the environment through a series of actions like trail repair, clean-up and build efforts that help maintain and secure the sustainability and future of mountain biking. Last year, the campaign gathered more than 1000 volunteers contributing to 92 activities in 15 EU countries. This year, the campaign runs from April 22nd to June 4th

Let’s talk about it!
An opportunity for you to share your experiences with the group. Do you have a problem you would like us to discuss? Maybe you have a positive experience related to the topic of Outdoor Sports in Protected Areas that you are especially proud of?
Tell us—we’d love to hear your story!

Get to know the speakers

Teresa Pastor

Teresa Pastor – EUROPARC´s Project & Development Manager
Teresa is Project and Development Manager at EUROPARC. She currently manages the European Charter of Sustainable Tourism, the Life Urban Greening Plans project, and she is involved in the SEE – Sustainability and Environmental Education in Outdoor Sports project.

Mark Torsius

Mark Torsius – General Manager, International Mountain Bicycling Association Europe
Mark Torsius is the general manager of the International Mountain Bicycling Association (IMBA) Europe and board member of the European Network of Outdoor Sports. He coordinates the advocacy and MTB development projects and programmes of IMBA Europe. Mark firmly believes that knowledge sharing, community building and a cross-sectoral approach is the formula to promote responsible riding behaviour, develop sustainable trail systems and protect the natural places we love to ride.

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