Webinar: Green Tourism: Make it real! The key role of the ECST in tackling the new challenges ahead.

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Join the next EUROPARC webinar on Sustainable Tourism

  • 1st of June
  • 11:00 CEST
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EUROPARC will host a webinar on Sustainable Tourism, which more than ever plays an important role in achieving the ambitious 2050 climate-neutral goal. The webinar is organized on the occasion of the EU Green Week 2022 “EU Green Deal – Make it Real” and the 20th anniversary of the European Charter for Sustainable Tourism in Protected Areas (ECST).

In this webinar, we will explore how the ECST can be used to implement the new EU strategy for sustainable tourism proposed by the European Parliament in 2021. In addition, we will look at the new strategy that is being prepared by Slovenia’s Julian Alps Biosphere Reserve (awarded with the ECST 2016 and 2020), to become a sustainable tourist destination by 2025+.

There will be a focus on managing seasonality, congestion, high expectations, spatial developments and risks, as well as understanding new forms of tourism that have emerged over recent years.

Webinar Programme

Welcome and Introduction to the webinar
By Teresa Pastor, manager of the European Charter of Sustainable Tourism in Protected Areas, EUROPARC Federation.

Sharing ideas, suggestions and experiences amongst participants to make Green Tourism a reality, based on:

  • The European Charter of Sustainable Tourism in Protected Areas and the 2021 EU policy for Sustainable Tourism, by Stefania Petrosillo, Policy Officer, EUROPARC Federation
  • A new development plan for the Julian Alps Biosphere Reserve to become a Sustainable Tourism Destination 2025+, by Klemen Langus, Director of Tourist Board Bohinj and Coordinator of Julian Alps Destination

The Speakers

Stefania Petrosillo
Stefania is our Policy Officer in Brussels. Stefania is an expert in advocacy and policy, and works in close cooperation with international NGOs and other EUROPARC partners.

Klemen Langus
Klemen has been the Director of Tourism Board Bohinj for 15 years. He is vice president of Alpine Pearls and the coordinator of the Julian Alps Biosphere Region.