Dr Arnold Boer | In Memoriam

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With sadness, EUROPARC announces the passing of our friend and colleague, Arnold Boer.

Dr Boer had been involved in coordinating the National Parks system in the Netherlands and brought his quiet but determined diplomatic skills into EUROPARC during turbulent times in the 1980’s. He served on EUROPARC council as Treasurer from 1987 steering calmly the finances and setting the foundation for a more secure future.

It was, however, the Transboundary programme, that became his real passion in EUROPARC. Having been involved since its inception, he oversaw the Basic Standards and Certification that are the foundation for transboundary cooperation across Europe. Chairing the Transboundary Steering and Evaluation Committee (STEC) he brought new Transboundary areas into the network and with the creation of the TransParcNet his gentle guidance ensured meetings were infused with friendship.

He leaves a legacy in our programmes, in our parks and in many hearts across Europe.

A true gentleman, always available with sound advice and wisdom gained from many years of experience. Never without a colourful scarf draped elegantly over his shoulders, his thoughtful, calm presence will be sorely missed by all in EUROPARC.

Our deepest condolences go to Arnold’s Family at this sad time.



 Some words from the Transboundary family


Our warmest thoughts go out to Arnold’s loved ones, when we received the sad news of his passing.

We will always remember Arnold with warmth, his thoughtfulness and calm nature.

His long experience and knowledge about transboundary issues will be missed by all of us in STEC.


Tiia, Handrij and Matti – STEC

Thanks to his passion and expertise he has allowed me to fully understand the meaning and value of transboundary parks.

A person of profound humanity and serenity, always ready for confrontation and dialogue, and also to share moments of leisure and joy. 

TB family will miss him.


Stefano Santi – EUROPARC Council member 

He lived his life so fully and passionately, followed his beliefs and backed them up with immense intelligence. Always ready for a conversation, which he was able to support with humour. His enthusiasm for a Transboundary and united Europe was beyond measure.

He will be in my thoughts for many reasons today and in the future.

Mojca Smolej – TB Task Force Co-chair 

 Arnold was the person in the Netherlands responsible as a civil servant from the Dutch government for the implementation of the Dutch scheme for national parks (21).

In the EUROPARC Federation, Arnold was several years treasurer and Initiator together with a colleague from Finland of the transboundary Programme. And until now member of the STEC. In the beginning, Arnold himself was a verifier. And he was always a participant in the TransParcNet Meetings.

Leo Reyrink – TB Task Force Co-chair

You will be able to see the picture album from the TransParcNet meeting in Oulanka National Park in 2019 that Dr Boer was a part of below: