Partnership agreement between EUROPARC and Sections

Dominique Leveque, President of EUROPARC French Section signing the Partnership Agreement between EUROPARC and the Section, at EUROPARC General Assembly 2016, Switzerland, 18.10.2016 © EUROPARC Federation

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The EUROPARC Federation was built on the idea to further the conservation of Europe’s nature through international cooperation. An important part of the Federation are the regional and national sections, created at the request of members, to address European policy and regional issues relevant to Protected Areas. EUROPARC Sections translate, help, improve and achieve the strategy and the agreed goals and objectives of EUROPARC Federation.

Currently, EUROPARC has eight regional and national sections that fulfill many of the EUROPARC Federations’ aims, whilst reflecting the priorities and characteristics of the areas they cover. They undertake a huge volume of work to a high professional standard and both support and stimulate the work of the Federation as a whole.

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As Nature knows no boundaries, EUROPARC believes in the principle that the future protection and conservation of nature is achieved through international cooperation.

Sections agreement

As EUROPARC has grown and developed as a network, the time is now, to renew how our organisation works and to ensure it remains relevant to European issues. Importantly though, it remains to serve its members, who manage all aspects of European protected areas through international cooperation.  The idea upon which EUROPARC, now the largest protected area network in Europe, was founded is as relevant today as it was over 40 years ago.

Therefore, at the EUROPARC General Assembly 2016, a historical partnership agreement was signed between EUROPARC and each Section. Together, we want to ensure that EUROPARC is the strong and united voice for all nature and landscape Protected Areas.

The agreement signed underlines and endorses the collective commitment to find new ways of working together within our organisation on behalf of our members. A common set of principles of cooperation was agreed and Sections committed to support the Federation pursuing its vision of a Sustainable Nature, Valued by People. With this agreement, all parts of the Federation commit to actively contribute to the implementation of the EUROPARC goals, priorities and strategy to accomplish that vision.

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Signing of EUROPARC and Sections agreement at EUROPARC Conference 2016, Parc Jura vaudois, Switzerland © EUROPARC Federation

At the Signing Ceremony, each Section representative was offered the “EUROPARC Official Section” plaque, which were generously offered by the Bavarian Forest National Park (Germany). EUROPARC expresses its profound gratitude to the Bavarian Forest NP Administration for the beautiful wooden plaques handmade, that will now be proudly displayed at the entrance of EUROPARC Official Sections.

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EUROPARC Sections Plaque

Together, we will seek to realise a stronger, unifying, European network organisation that is better placed to respond to current and future challenges facing Europe’s nature.

Sections Report 2016

Olaf Holm, Sections’ Representative at EUROPARC Council, introduced the Sections’ Report and the Sections Agreement to EUROPARC members at the General Assembly 2016.

Download the presentation here.

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Olaf Holm, Section Representative at EUROPARC Council, introducing the Sections Report at EUROPARC General Assembly 2016, Switzerland, 18.10.2016 © EUROPARC Federation

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