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The EUROPARC Star Awards aims to champion the effort and investments made by tourism businesses working with our Sustainable Destinations across Europe. An online public voting is now running, to select one winner out of the five awarded, who will be invited to present their business at EUROPARC Conference 2020.

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This year for the first time, part of the Charter Award Ceremony was dedicated to the announcement of the EUROPARC Star Awards winners.

The Star Awards announced 5 impressive businesses that have been active in the protection of their natural and cultural heritage, who are innovative, work to reduce environmental impacts, and inspire their clients in terms of sustainable behavior.

Currently, an online public voting is active! Help us choose the finalist that you want to hear at the next EUROPARC Conference 2020. The business chosen by the public, together with a representative of the Protected Area authority where it operates, will be invited to join us in Austria and give a speech at the EUROPARC General Assembly.

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Get to know the winners

EUROPARC awarded the prize in five categories – Contribution to Conservation, Reducing Impact on the Environment, Building my Community, Communicating the Values of my Park and Business, and Innovation.

Reviving the ancestors’ knowledge

“Tirant to rall a l’Arrossar” – Photo: Delta Polet

The winner in the category Contribution to Conservation is Deltapolet Natura i Sabers, partner of Delta del Ebro Natural Park in Catalonia.

Living in a period when the region’s traditional practices started to disappear as machines were slowly taking over, Mr. Polet decided to maintain the knowledge of his ancestors. His philosophy is still alive today, followed by Deltapolet’s owner and Polet’s son, who has one main goal: remain able to get and process resources without using machines or chemical products.

A flavour of self-sufficiency

In the category Reducing impact on the environment, the jury chose La calma, cultura i lleure, partner of Montseny Natural Park in Catalonia.

Dessert buffet, La calma, cultura i lleure.

La calma, cultura i lleure, (meaning “The calm, culture and leisure” in Catalan) runs a 100% energy efficient restaurant El Bellver in El Montseny Natural Park and Biosphere Reserve. Using spring water from the Montseny massif and solar panels, energy accumulation batteries, movement sensors and an inverted gasification biomass boiler with thermal buffer tank, El Bellver became 100 % self-sufficient in terms of energy and water. Concerning their menu, around 80% come from the region or from Catalonia.

Following the steps of locals

Sud Randos, partner of Cévennes National Park, is the winner in the category Building my Community.

Photo: Sud Randos

When organising tourism experiences, farmers, artisans, craftsmen, artists, and local nature are the lead actors and objects of discovery for visitors. Sud Randos’ infrastructure takes care of each detail, making sure that most of the equipment, material or food come from fair trade, local businesses, and organic production. With culture and local traditions at the core of their touristic activities, Sud Randos strengthen the community and support preservation of traditional practices with modern incomes.

Pioneers in sustainable mobility

The winner in the category of Innovation is For Play, partner of Coastal Dunes Regional Park in Italy.

Photo: For Play

For Play’s mission is to allow visitors to explore the region, while following the principle of sustainable mobility. Equipped with a fleet of colourful electric cars, the company creates a new way to move around the Coastal Dunes Park.The cars are provided with itineraries, allowing visitors to spread and discover historical sites and private areas that are not accessible by other means.

A hotel that educates its guests in sustainability

Finally, in the category focusing on Communication of the Park’s and the Business’ Values, the winner is Hotel Caminetto, partner of Adamello Brenta Natural Park in Italy.

Photo: Hotel Caminetto

Hotel Caminetto can be considered a role model of a sustainable hotel committed to respect the environment and protect natural resources without giving up comfort. The communication policy of Hotel Caminetto aims to make guests fully aware of the culture and nature of the place, so they can better value it.

In the coming days and weeks, we will be publishing articles about each of the winner, to help you decide. Stay tuned!

The implementation of the Charter methodology is an opportunity to work side-by-side with local business partners and ensure that tourism can bring social and economic benefits to the local community. Learn more about how to become a Sustainable Destination