Webinar: engaging stakeholders for marine conservation

Published on:
  • Wednesday, 25th March 2020
  • 11:00 CET
  • participation is free but registration is needed. Register here.

How to create public consensus for the management of our natural resources? Understanding your audiences, and effectively communicating is a fundamental competency for any Protected Area and Natura 2000 manager. Which strategies can Protected Areas use to identify relevant actors, and boost engagement?

Within the Life e-Natura2000 blended course “Competent Inclusive Communications”, we invited LIFE INTEMARES, the largest marine conservation project in Europe, to share their experience in public engagement. In this webinar, you will learn how they have identified their key actors, before and during the project, and hear about the innovative participatory processes they designed to increase stakeholder’s participation.

During the session, Víctor Gutiérrez, European projects & LIFE coordinator, and Silvia Guadix Montero, responsible for Participation, governance and capacity building, will share their experience and three practical case studies. In the final discussion, you will be able to direct your questions and share your experiences with the participants.


The main objective of the LIFE IP INTEMARES “Integrated, innovative and participatory management of the Natura 2000 Network in the Spanish marine environment”, is to achieve a consolidated network of Natura 2000 marine areas. This implies an efficient and integrated manner, with the active participation of the relevant sectors involved, and with research as a basic tool for decision-making.

INTEMARES promotes innovative approaches in relation to the marine Natura 2000 network, in order to become reference areas for a new production model within the framework of a more sustainable and low carbon economy, involving socio-economic sectors and users of the sea in the management of these sites.

The Ministry of Ecological Transition and Demographic Challenge coordinates the project through the Biodiversity Foundation and also acts as partner of the project through the General Direction of Sustainability of the Coast and Sea.


EUROPARC is taking the lead in providing innovative communications training for Protected Area professionals. This webinar is included in the the LIFE e-Natura2000.edu project, where 25 participants from around Europe, are learning new competencies, tools and techniques to increase their communication´s effectiveness.

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