NaturaConnect | Invitation to Tender – External Service Contract: Video Editing

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This call for tenders is issued within the scope of the Horizon Europe project, ‘NaturaConnect – Designing a resilient and coherent Trans-European Network for Nature and People’.

For the purposes of this tender, acting on behalf of the project partners, the contracting authority for this Invitation to Tender is EUROPARC Federation.

Procurement – External Service Contract for video editing & provision of associated support services

The contracting authority is looking to engage with an experienced external service provider to provide support services for the editing of videos to be produced and used as part of the NaturaConnect Learning Platform, that is publicly available at the European Nature Academy.

Bidders are asked to outline their budget proposal, specified by specific services. The VAT amount and rate must be stated separately on bids submitted. If the successful bid is from a country other than Germany, the contracting authority will make use of the reverse charge rule (intra-community supply of goods or services), and pay VAT in Germany that is non-recoverable.

Above all, the project requires a technical development contractor who is innovative, solution-oriented and able to think with partners. In particular, they should be able to demonstrate that they have sound experience in video editing using Adobe Premiere Pro. The videos will be for use for an international audience as learning materials as part of the NaturaConnect Learning Platform. Previous experience of delivering similar work as an external service contractor within the scope of an EU funded project would be an advantage: those bidding for this contract should be able to demonstrate familiarity with EU funded project terms and conditions especially in relation to publicity.

It is essential that the contractor is fully competent in the necessary technical development services but, equally, is able to anticipate and incorporate advanced new technologies to future-proof the technical products created by this contract and ensure their sustainability and longevity. This will help to ensure that the NaturaConnect Learning Platform, including the videos produced and used, are capable of meeting users’ needs and expectations now and in the future. 

Bids must be submitted in English and set out how they will deliver the contract effectively and efficiently and demonstrate relevant technical knowledge, skills and experience.

The bids must be submitted in the required format and received by 23.59 on 23 August 2024.

Download the full procurement call

NaturaConnect Invitation to Tender - External Service Communication Package