Election for a Youth representative in the EUROPARC Council (Mandate 2016 – 2018)

Youth Conference 2013 Hungary © Gabor Nagy

Who will be the 1st Youth representing Europe’s Protected Areas?

To enable young people to more fully take part in the governance, management, activities and support of protected areas across Europe, the EUROPARC Federation has decided to open a new position for a youth representative within the Council.

Full information, terms and reference can be found in this document.

Role of the Youth representative in the EUROPARC Council

  • Assist and advise the Council on how to oversee the work of the EUROPARC Federation;
  • Bring extra insight to Council: a youth perspective to identify and solve problems arising from the changing agenda for biodiversity and sustainable development in protected areas
  • Work with the Directorate, as necessary to provide regular reports to the Council on the development of the Youth + programme;
  • Represent the EUROPARC Federation, where appropriate – in dialogue and exchange with youth organisations and networks at the European level;
  • Assist EUROPARC to increase involvement of young people its decision-making and in the work of protected areas;
  • Share information and provide feedbacks to youth in protected areas across Europe;
  • The Youth representative should attend at least 2 council face to face meetings per year.


The Youth representative is elected for 2 years, and its mandate lasts until the end of the mandate of the current EUROPARC Council (October 2018). The youth representative can be re-elected once if the age requirements are still fullled.


  • A jury, composed of representatives of the EUROPARC Council and Directorate, have evaluated the candidatures and selected those suitable for the position. The selection was made taking into account the fulllment of the requirements and the quality of the application submitted.
  • All participants of the Youth Conference 2013 and the Youth+ Camp 2015 are invited to express their vote from 22nd to 29th of April, based on the video message and motivation letter available on this page and their expectations from the youth representative.
  • The elected candidate will be announced in early May and invited to attend hir/her EUROPARC Council Meeting from 27th June to 1st July 2016 in the Cinque Terre National Park in Italy.


Leonardo Cerno, 21, from Parco Naturale delle Prealpi Giulie (Italy)

Download Leonardo’s motivation letter here.

Contact Leonardo at lnrd.crn(a)gmail.com.

Laura Peters, 21, from Nationaal Park Weerribben-Wieden (Netherlands)

Download Laura’s motivation letter here.

Contact Laura at laurapeters(a)live.nl

NB: we have to highlight the fact that Laura will be studying in Malaysia from mid of february until July 2017 and that she won’t therefore be able to attend the meeting/s taking place in this period. This was indicated in her motivation letter, but not considered as a cause for elimination by the jury.