EUROPARC calls for action to the new EU Parliament.

Yorkshire Dales kaarst - Photo by Hilary Fenten

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Next May 23rd to 26th of the present year, Brussels will become again the centre of attention of all Europeans. During these days, the European elections will take place allowing millions of European citizens to decide who will be steering the route of the EU during the following five years.

These elections may have significant changes not only in the composition of the EU Parliament and Commissioners board, but also in the institutions in charge of setting the strategy that our continent will follow. Among the citizenship concerns, the environment, and specially climate change, occupy a top place in the list.

For this reason, and in the previous month to the elections, EUROPARC Federation is raising the voice to our natural heritage with the publication of the Policy Paper “Our Natural Heritage: the Key to Europe’s Future”.

"Our Natural Heritage: the key to Europe´s Future" Policy paper

Download “Our Natural Heritage: the key to Europe´s Future”

This document aims to mobilise European Political Groups, National Parties and Movements, as well as individual candidates, to take action on different topics in order to ensure a sustainable future for our economy and our environment. One of the matters stressed in the document is the role that Protected Areas must have in achieving substantial changes related with the environment and socio-economic development, and it also identifies four priority areas which require urgent attention and action:

  • sustainable economic development;
  • healthy ecosystems;
  • youth leadership;
  • climate change.

Despite the great efforts that the European Union has made in the previous years to address the environmental challenges that our planet is facing through the establishment of specific legislation and actions, still further development and more effective implementation is required.

For further information on European Policies and the work of the Federation in this regard, visit the EUROPARC Policy webpage.