Celebrating 70 years since the creation of UK National Parks’ Principles

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The Northumberland National Park is running a temporary exhibition until October 2019, to celebrate the creation of the UK National Parks’ Principles, 70 years ago.

“Yours since 1949”: the UK National Parks’ Principles

In 1949, the UK’s Government passed an Act of Parliament to establish National Parks to preserve an enhance their natural beauty and provide recreational opportunities for the public. The “National Parks and Access to the Countryside Act” became a landmark, coming out of a public desire, that resulted in the establishment of the first 4 National Parks in 1951 (scroll down to find out which are the UK’s 15 National Parks).

Northumberland National Park launches a special exhibition at The Sill

The exhibition will take visitors into an amazing journey throughout time, to learn about the Campaign for National Parks and how it has influenced the creation of the UK’s first parks in 1951. An interactive experience sprinkled with holograms, digital story maps, and a virtual reality flight through the sky of the Northumberland National Park. For the younger guests, there are some experiential activities including fancy dress, soft shapes and light play.

“Yours since 1949” does not only remind us of the founding principles of UK’s National Parks’, it looks at the present and the importance in our current lives and reflects on the future of National Parks.

Ramblers – The Sill. National Landscape Discovery Centre

Until October 2019, you can visit the exhibition at The Sill, the first National Landscape Discovery Centre in the UK that lies in the heart of the Northumberland National Park. The Sill is also home to fixed exhibitions and has multiple spaced to host events, apart from a local food café, a Youth Hostel, a rural business hub, and a shop specialising in local crafts and produce.

Uk’s National Parks

Our national Parks give so much to the nation and we should never take them for granted

-Said Tony Gates, chief executive at Northumberland National Park Authority.