Celebrate in silence: Czech parks launch a campaign against fireworks

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In all four National Parks of the Czech Republic – Šumava, Podyjí, Bohemian Switzerland and Krkonoše – the New Year’s Eve celebrations will have to respect the ban on the use of pyrotechnics.

Enjoy the New Year’s Eve in National Parks without fireworks

The law on nature and landscape protection forbids the use of pyrotechnics in all National Parks, including municipalities in the parks areas.

The use of fireworks and pyrotechnics, accompanied with loud explosions and strong light effects, is very stressful for wild animals.

“When running away, most often at night, they have to use a lot of energy needed for other purposes, and they risk to get injured,” explains Radek Drahný, the press agent of the Krkonoše administration.

“Even pets, that are used to many unnatural noises and light effects from people, are afraid of fireworks. Obviously this is even worse for wild animals,” adds Tomáš Salov, the spokesman of the Bohemian Switzerland NP administration.

The ban is valid since 2017 when a new amendment to the law on nature and landscape protection was adopted. After two years, it seems that calm celebrations of the New Year’s Eve are becoming more and more popular.

Spread the word!

All four Czech National Parks now try to spread the word and inform visitors to prevent them from using fireworks. Together with the Czech Ministry of environment, the parks published a poster in several languages, that is being disseminated among visitors’ centers in the National Parks, but also to hotels and spread on social media.

The fine for breaching this law can be up to 10.000 CZK (400 EUR).

“There will be more than enough fireworks in the whole country, and national parks should be the islands not only of beautiful nature, but also of peace and silence. So come enjoy the New Year celebrations to national parks a bit differently – more calmly,” concludes the Czech minister of environment, Richard Brabec.

Watch a short film that explains why the ban on fireworks in National Parks is so important (voice-over only in Czech).

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