Happy birthday, LIFE ENABLE!

Happy birthday, LIFE ENABLE

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Happy birthday to LIFE ENABLE! Just over 1 year ago, the project held its kick-off meeting. A lot has happened in the last 12 months – here are some highlights!

We had our first face-to-face technical meeting in Marseille 6 to 8 April and our project workshop in the EUROPARC Conference in Austria May 2022.

The new European Nature Academy is taking form. This training hub will be the main gateway to the tailor-made courses and networking events being produced through the project.

All of the competence-based blended learning courses are now well ‘under construction’. There are 4 courses:

  • Ways of working for Natura 2000 & Protected Areas across Europe. This course starts with a ‘live’ Induction Seminar in February 2023 and will be delivered in 10 online modules from March to June next year. Subjects covered include: European policies & priorities for nature; tools for participative & inclusive governance; design of communication strategies, tools and techniques; management planning as technical and social processes.
  • Two courses for Forest and Marine managers to be delivered in September 2023. Both these courses will include a practical ‘on site’ workshop.
  • A Train the Trainers course where 20 people will be trained to train their peers and colleagues in the courses they have themselves completed.

The training is cost-free and travel and subsistence costs to participate in the networking events will be reimbursed by the project.

Our marine and forest experts met in June this year. They are contributing to the development of marine and forest courses.

More than 25 videos have been scripted, filmed and are now in the editing phase.

And we are ready to open the call for applicants from 5 October 2022! In the first phase, 60 ‘core participants’ will be selected. The deadline to apply is 4 November 2022 and selected participants will be confirmed before the end of this year.

We anticipate a high demand – so, if you are ‘ready to be enabled’, we will welcome your application!

If you would like to get a deeper look into everything related to the LIFE ENABLE project, you can find out more in our newly published LIFE ENABLE newsletter available here!

Happy birthday, LIFE ENABLE

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