Protected Areas In-Sight 2022 – Climate Change; Resilient Parks

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Every year, the EUROPARC Federation publishes it’s magazine “Protected Areas In-Sight”. It details the theme of the Conference. This edition was created within the Natur’Adapt project and focusses on Climate Change; Resilient Parks.

Climate Change; Resilient Parks

This special edition of the Protected Areas In-Sight, produced as part of the LIFE Natur’Adapt project. It gives a first look into the Climate Change Adaptation Methodology that has been created within the project. Furthermore, there are articles from all over Europe detailing the actions that are already happening on the ground to adapt to climate change.

The articles in this Protected Areas In-Sight, detail that tool and the change undertaken in and around our Protected Areas on a community-level, that can inspire the change we need ona global level.

Says EUROPARC’s Executive Director, Carol Ritchie.

There is a lot of work to be done on streamlining the different climate change and biodiversity policies. After all, they are two sides of the same coin. We discussed this in-depth with Nicola Notaro, Former Head of Nature Unit, Directorate-General for Environment at the European Commission. The article discusses what the EU Commission is doing to support Protected Areas, as well as how member states can support to achieve greater coherence and effectiveness when it comes to climate change adaptation.

We also delve into nature restoration: what is the role of Protected Areas? And is there a trillion euro opportunity waiting for us? This is detailed by James Stuart, former convener of Loch Lomond and the Trossachs National Park. Of course, there are also many examples of what our Protected Areas are already doing, from involving youth in climate change actions, to Periurban Parks support in keeping our cities green. It’s all waiting for you, in this edition of the Protected Areas In-Sight!

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Thank you to our partners!

We want to thank everyone that helped contribute to this Protected Areas In-Sight, in particular our authors

  • James Stuart, Director, One Planet Consulting Ltd.;
  • Marianna Bassalou BASOULOU, Forester-Environmentalist, at Philodassiki;
  • Olivier Courbon, Project Manager for Consultation & Territorial Strategy at Agence Luth Médiations;
  • Anne-Cerise Tissot, Réserves Naturelles de France;
  • João Cardoso de Melo, Marlene Marques and Débora Henriques, Sintra-Cascais Natural Park in Portugal;
  • Valentina Cappanera, RELIFE Project Coordinator for Portofino Marine Protected Area;