We are Building on our Roots this European Day of Parks!

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Every year, the European Day of Parks wants to bring People and Parks together. This year’s theme is “Building on our Roots” and we invite the EUROPARC Community to organise events on and around the 24th of May.

Building on our Roots

Our natural heritage encapsulates our identity. As such, we all have the responsibility and the joy to maintain this heritage for future generations, and discover how we can build upon it! That is why we are Building on our Roots, this European Day of Parks.

“In our heritage lies our past, present and future”

By cherishing our heritage, we are strengthening our identity and connecting ourselves to the larger, natural, environment.

This is something that we are particularly aware of at EUROPARC this year, as we are celebrating our 50th Anniversary! That is why we ask the Parks and Protected Area community to come together this year and celebrate the European Day of Parks like never before!

With almost all COVID-19 restrictions lifted in countries across Europe, we can now return to the roots of the European Day of Parks, which is getting people out into nature.

Join us!

Register your events here.

Unsure what to do? No worries, we have created guidelines with loads of examples for activities for Parks to organise:

Read the guidelines here

Share your celebration!

So, is your Protected Area ‘Building on our Roots; this European Day of Parks? Then we look forward to seeing your activities! In order for EUROPARC to showcase the amazing work you are doing, you are welcome to share any pictures or videos from your events with us:

We will compile this to help promote the importance of our Protected Areas throughout Europe, and celebrate our anniversary at the EUROPARC Conference. Of course, you can also join the online conversation! Use #EuropeanDayofParks & #EDoP2023 and be sure to tag EUROPARC:

Facebook & Twitter: @EUROPARC

Instagram: EUROPARC_Federation

Linkedin: EUROPARC Federation

Of course, the banner is available in many different languages here. If you are missing your language, just send an email with the translation to the above address.

We look forward to seeing your events!