The European Day of Parks is upon us once again!

European Day of Parks 2015 © EUROPARC Federation

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European Day of Parks 2015 “Nature is Our Business”

24 May, all over Europe!

Every year EUROPARC members “gather” events around May 24th to celebrate and raise the profile of the value and benefits of all our Protected Areas. By coming together around one theme, on one occasion in the year we have a stronger collective voice.

This year we show the nature we have in our care, is valuable in its own right, but needed for business too. So why not make a special natural market place, showcasing all your local products, or make a joint promotion with sustainable businesses? You can even highlight nature guiding and nature watching in your park… show that looking after nature is the “business “of the park.

We celebrate officially on the 24th May, marking the date when the first national parks in Europe were founded, but please also use the week around this date to organise your events.

What can you do for the European Day of Parks?

1) Organise an event!
Register here for the event.

2) Have access here to the logos, cards and posters we have prepared for you and that you can use for promoting the event in your Protected Area!

More info on our webpage dedicated to the European Day of Parks.

Join the European Day of Parks 2015 initiative and make this day an unforgettable event!