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Our goal of protecting the unique variety of wildlife, habitats and landscapes in Europe can be achieved only by developing our professional capacity to effectively manage Protected Areas. A competence-based, systematic and comprehensive approach to capacity building is therefore needed to enable us to achieve conservation goals at national and European level.

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The section on capacity building is a first step towards the development of a coherent, competence based approach to Protected Area professionalization within Europe. It is launched now as a portal providing information on capacity development needs in 23 Eastern European countries, recommendations on how to strengthen the capacities at regional, national or local level and initiatives to develop the professional capacity of Protected Area staff. But we hope that it will grow into a Europe-wide portal on this important domain.

The section presents the unique initiative of developing national and regional plans in 2 pilot countries and one region which can be used as a model approach to be replicated in other countries and regions.

The section was developed as a result of the project ”Capacity Building Plans for Efficient Protected Area Management in Eastern Europe”, implemented by PROPARK Foundation for Protected Areas in Romania, and commissioned by the German Federal Agency for Nature Conservation (BfN).

The project will be finalized in November 2015, so stay in touch for updates!

Learn more about the Project here and get to the Capacity Building Section.