The 2015 TransParcNet Meeting across the Czech-German border has just started!

TransParcNet Meeting 2015 © EUROPARC Federation

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The beautiful Šumava (CZ) and Bavarian Forest (DE) National Parks are hosting the 2015 TransParcNet Meeting. These transboundary Parks will be the location of an exciting training until this Friday.

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This year’s meeting will look at “The value of healthy ecosystems for nature and people” from a transboundary perspective. Participants will study practical examples of raised bog restoration in the Bohemian Forest as well as the natural dynamic of ecosystems and their effects on biodiversity.

Moreover, they will enjoy views on the area from mountain tops and tree top walks, learning about the value of visitor management in order for everybody to benefit from the natural landscape.

The training will take place during the whole week and should be an amazing opportunity once again to develop good practices in transboundary cooperation, discover cross-border partnerships in other parks and look into common project ideas.

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