Internship programme at EUROPARC Central and Eastern Europe

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An offer of the Central and Eastern Europe Section for member organizations

One of aims of the Central and Eastern Europe EUROPARC section (CEE) is to strengthen a cooperation in the region with a special focus on an efficient nature conservation management. The most effective way how to exchange an experience is to visit each other and see different approaches in the field.

The CEE definitely supports such an activity, i.e. short-term internships of managers among our member organizations. We invite you to use the opportunity, so we share the list of contact persons responsible for internship in each participating member organization. In case of your interest, get in touch with the contact person listed below and gain information about local conditions. For a basic information about a character of the Protected Area, please check their website first. DOWNLOAD BELOW the complete list of Protected Areas and contacts.

Usually, host provides accommodation and ensures that the colleague on internship has an opportunity to experience implementation of conservation measures in the field. Nevertheless, it depends on an individual agreement.

We hope you will take advantage of this offer and get more awareness about different attitudes in our countries and Protected Areas!