Forest management and protected areas

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Protected areas staff face several challenges in the management of their forests. Dealing with invasive species, promoting regeneration, using effective monitoring systems, or simply understanding the policy framework within the European Union are just some of them. Indeed, similar problems arise in different protected areas, therefore exchanging experiences and best practices can be a great way to locally solve them.

EUROPARC suggest you 4 interesting opportunities – workshops and conferences, where you will share your experience and learn from other protected area managers.

Invasive Species CEE workshop © EUROPARC CEE Section

Invasive Species CEE workshop © EUROPARC CEE Section

Managing invasive plant and animal species in the protected areas of Central and Eastern Europe

Workshop, 2nd May 2016 – Hortobágy National Park (Hungary)

Experts from protected areas of Central and Eastern Europe will share their practical experience on how to combat invasive/alien species. The workshop is organised by the Central and Eastern Europe Section and is based on a simple idea: to organize cost effective workshops for „our own” experts to collect relevant experience on nature protection practices. Read more about it here.

Mediterranean Forest © David Morris

Mediterranean Forest © David Morris

Mediterranean forest management and Natura 2000

Workshop, 9th – 11th May 2016 – Parc Naturel Régional du Luberon

Under the framework of the Natura 2000 Biogeographical Process for the Mediterranean Region, Parc naturel regional du Luberon will host a workshop focused on current issues in Mediterranean forest management. During two days, participants will learn about integrated management approaches that benefit both forestry and nature conservation through plenary sessions, field trips and interactive sessions. The challenges and opportunities of promoting ecological connectivity through integrated planning will be the main discussion topic. Therefore, to provide participants an overview of European implemented systems, professionals from France, Portugal, Italy and Greece will share their expertise and local experiences on the management of Mediterranean forests.

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“Beyond wood” © European Commission

Policy conference, 23rd May 2016 – European Commission, Brussels

Do you know the many services which Europe’s forest ecosystems deliver to us? Are you working to ensure that the prosperity and benefits provided by forests to citizens will continue for the future? Meet key players in the field, get new insights, follow the debates, and have your say on what needs to be done and how the EU can help. More information here.

Workshop forest management, europarc, protected areas

Workshop forest management

Workshop, 1st-5th August 2016 – Mikulov, Czech Republic

Are there risks for biodiversity on simply setting aside forests for free development? Are forests able to recover by themselves, in the context of a Europe with a historical intensive use of land and fragmented landscapes? To support natural values, measures to actively manage forests for biodiversity conservation are being developed. This meeting will collect researchers and practitioners working in this field through Europe. for exchanging knowledge and experiences. The workshop will be held in English and the registrations are open until the 15th May. For more information contact check the website or contact Mrs. Simona Poláková at