Charter Verification @ Monviso Park

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Monviso Park is one of the 19 Protected Areas that applied for the European Charter for Sustainable Tourism in Protected Areas. Those who receive a positive evaluation will be awarded in Brussels, at the Charter Award Ceremony! Get o know the 19 applicants below and read about the evaluation process at Monviso Park, Italy.

Europarc verifier Jacques Decuignieres concluded the verification visit of the candidacy of the Monviso Park.

During the two days verification visit, the French verifier, assisted by the representative of Federparchi – EUROPARC Italy, Corrado Teofili, and the officers and directors of the Park, met many stakeholders involved in the Charter process in Saluzzo, Dronero, Brossasco, Ostana, Staffarda Racconigi. A broad representation of stakeholders and agencies, who have joined this candidacy promoted in 2015 by the then Cuneo Po Park, participated in the meetings, which had a very positive conclusions.

The ESCT process has a high impact at local level, therefore, media covers the main achievments of the Parks. Read here a news article that was published about the evaluation of Monviso Park (only in Italian).

Gianfranco Marengo, President of the Park said,

I think that the verification that  just ended can be considered positive, a confirmation of the good work done and the relationships established with the territor. It will be a satisfaction for all, that pushes us to move forward on this journey of sustainable tourism.

Federparchi stressed that at this stage, as throughout the life of the ECST, the only real protagonists are the Park Authority and actively involved local actors. The phase of field testing is indeed a time of great importance, allowing parks to demonstrate the value of work carried out together with local partners, is to draw on the experience and recommendations of the evaluators valuable insights and useful suggestions for the continuation of the Charter territory.

ECST Logo_EN-01 Subsequently, the Charter Evaluation Committee, consisting of experts from ECST, protected areas and sustainable tourism, will acquire the verifier reports for discussion at its next meeting scheduled in August 2016, and then give its technical opinion on the application, judgment It will be reported to the board, which will have the final decision.

This year, the 19 areas (9 of which are re-evaluating) successfully evaluated will be invited to the Charter Award Ceremony 2016, which will take place in Brussels, at the EU Parliament.

Get to know the 19 candidates!

Chelmos Vouraikos

Arcipelago toscano
Parco Cilento
Monviso (Po Cuneese)
Torre Guaceto

Prealpi Giulie / Triglav


Montgri, illes Medes and Baix Ter


Livradois Forez

Sant LLORENÇ del Munt i L’Obac

Broads Authority