Do you stand with rangers on World Ranger Day?

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Rangers are in the first line safeguarding our Nature and wildlife.

All over the World, Rangers dare their lives to protect our biodiversity. Unfortunately, in the last 12 months, 108 rangers lost their lives in the hands of poachers (42%), in work related accidents (41%) and 17% by the same animals rangers protect.

On the World Ranger Day, this Sunday, 31st July, pause for a moment and reflect on these rangers and their sacrifice. The celebration of the World Ranger Day 2016 aims to honour them and their colleagues that are still bravely undertaking their role in the field.

Ranger roll of honour

Stand with the rangers

WRD I StandPrint the poster “Stand with the Rangers”, and show you stand with Park Rangers of the world in their fight to protect wildlife! Take a picture of you holding the poster and share it on your facebook, twitter and instagram with the #tags:

#worldrangerday #standwithrangers #naturesprotectors #thingreenlinefoundation #internationalrangerfederation

You can also share it directly ion the facebook pages of the International Ranger Federation and the Thin Green Line Foundation.

How to celebrate?

Apart from your social media shares, there are several ways of celebrating this special day:

  • If you are a Park, why don’t organising a small excursion?
  • Light a candle and observe a minute’s silence for Rangers who have died in the line of duty.
  • Plant a tree as a living tribute to Rangers around the world.
  • Host a screening of the international Ranger documentary The Thin Green Line.
  • Talk with park visitors and partners about the work of Rangers around the world.
  • Host a public event dedicated to the work of Rangers around the world.
  • Make a presentation to local communities about supporting Rangers and protected areas.
  • Visit a school to engage young people in the future of world parks, biodiversity, and conservation.
  • Invite a Ranger from another park to join you and your co-workers for a week in your park.
  • Seek donors interested in supporting and sustaining the work of your protected area and the IRF.
  • Write an article for your local newspaper about Rangers and the significance of World Ranger Day.
  • Award Rangers in your association who have made a special contribution to protected areas.
  • Lobby your state or national government to establish a National Ranger Day.

Have fun!  Celebrate your role in protecting the world’s natural and cultural treasures.  

Below you can find all the resources you need to celebrate the day. For more information about the World Ranger Day go to: