Call for Members – EUROPARC Commissions

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The EUROPARC Federation is a membership organisation and exists to serve the needs of our members, as stated in our recently approved strategy. Further, as a result of the new priorities in the strategy, we needed to reform what were our previous working groups.

We have therefore decided to create new commissions, to distinguish them from the old working groups, and to which members are invited to participate. If there is sufficient interest, these commissions can operate at two levels – as a core group who will form the commission, and drive the agreed agenda and an advisory e-forum, who input with ideas and information.

In this way, with members involvement, EUROPARC can develop activities that are close to the needs of the membership.

Open call for Members

Do you have expertise in any of these fields? Do you enjoy working at a European level exchanging with colleagues from across Europe? Do you want to drive new areas of work for protected areas? Do you like to be at the cutting edge of new developments? Then check out our new commissions below:

  • Natura 2000 Management – for this, we aim to run an expert and communication platform especially for Natura 2000 site managers, including those within existing protected areas,  to share their experiences and good practice examples. We would like to have some interesting new ideas on how the implementation of the directives can be achieved at a site level.
  • Health and Protected Areas – having made the case and the need for Protected areas and agencies to take a role in this area, and continuing EUROPARC’s lead on this agenda, we are looking for some practical measures to be developed to help managers develop programmes.
  • Periurban/Fedenatur – following the integration of Fedenatur into EUROPARC, we want to maintain and develop the excellent work undertaken and build a new strategy and programme of work for periurban parks, identifying the priorities and seeking to share solutions across the network. We really want this commission bringing together the EUROPARC and Fedenatur experiences.
  • Sustainable Agriculture – Parks and Protected Areas can represent ideal territories where to promote sustainable agricultural practices and products favouring regional rural development, biodiversity, and preservation of the landscape. With this commission, working with the agricultural community,  we want to explore the feasibility of a Charter for Sustainable Agriculture.

The terms of reference of each of the new commissions, having been agreed by the EUROPARC Council and Directorate and which are being open now,  can be found below. More commissions will be announced later.

Who can join EUROPARC Commissions?

The Commissions are open to ALL EUROPARC members and staff working for member organisations.

Applications should be sent to office @ before October 28th 

If you are interested, send us a letter of interest stating your background and experience and what you can offer us for the commission you want to join.