Kids Climate Conference 2016

kids climate conference, ignace schops

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EUROPARC President Ignace Schops was at the “Kids Climate Conference 2016” that took place at Center Parks Het Heijderbos, Netherlands, between 23-25th September.

Article issued by Ignace Schops

kids climate conference, ignace schops, Red de Dieren

Ignace Schops with Lian Kandelaar, author of the book “Missie: Red de Dieren”

150 young children were debating with Princes Laurentien Van Oranje, how to solve the problems we currently have due to climate change. It was a powerful conference with so much renewable energy of the youngster! I am impressed.

In the framework of the conference I was surprised of Lian Kandelaar who wrote a book on biodiversity, called: “Red de dieren” – Save the animals! Well done Lian and well done to the young participants! You will be the leaders of the future! Yes you can!

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