Opportunity for Park Staff: international study trips by EUROPARC Germany

Excursion at the Black Forest National Park, within the celebration of the 25th Anniversary of EUROPARC Gerrmany © Stephanie Schubert

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Do you work for a protected area as paid or volunteer park staff and are interested in transboundary exchange? EUROPARC Germany is organising 2 study trips in 2017 for park staff about accessibility and tourism development in Protected Areas.

EUROPARC Germany supports professionals and volunteers in European protected areas in exchanging know-how and competencies and in building up international cooperation. The project “international exchange of competencies of players in protected areas” (ANNIKA) focusses on one-week international study trips of approximately six participants – paid and volunteer park staff – that treat the following subjects:

  • Education for sustainable development (e.g. Junior Ranger)
  • Regional development and sustainable tourism (e.g. touristic partners, voluntourism)
  • Inclusion of people with disabilities (e.g. accessibility, volunteers with disabilities)
  • Park Management (e.g. quality standards, evaluations)

The overall topic will be volunteer management, i.e. the question “how do we involve volunteers in the activities of parks in a professional way?”.

The program of the study trip consists of lectures, workshops and field trips. They will give you the opportunity to gain insight into best practice examples of the parks visited and to share your experience and knowledge with experts on site. The project aims to give you the unique possibility to learn from each other and to work together on new ideas and strategies. Your protected area will directly benefit from the knowledge and experience you will gain through the study trip. In addition, the study trip enables you to establish a long-term relationship and cooperation with other European parks.

At the end of the project the experiences, lessons learned and outcomes will be summarised by the participants in a bilingual publication and discussed in a conference.

Study Trips in 2017

Grab the opportunity to learn with colleagues from across Europe

In 2017, 2 field trips will be offered:

  • “Accessibility and inclusion of people with disabilities in protected areas“, 19.-22. März
  • “Regional development and tourism in protected areas”, 14.-18. Mai

Download below the complete programme and the application form for both study trips. The deadline for application is February 2017. 

The following study trips have already been organised:

Programme: Study trip „Accessibility and inclusion of people with disabilities in protected areas“, Austria, September 2016

Programme: Study trip „Regional development and tourism in protected areas“, United Kingdom, October 2016

Read more about the ANNIKA project here.