EUROPARC President: Ignace Schops is re-elected in Portugal

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Ignace Schops was re-elected President of the EUROPARC Conference yesterday afternoon, at EUROPARC General Assembly 2017. For his second mandate as President, Ignace assured that sustainability and expansion of the network will be the main focus of the Federation.

“The next three years will be important to achieve stability and enlarge the EUROPARC network. We want to be the common home of nature, regional, national, marine, periurban parks, and support them in the sustainable development of their territories, based on an active involvement with their local communities”.

New Council Members elected

Every three years, EUROPARC members are asked to elect new Council members and the President the Federation. 

The final list of Council members are:

Michael Hosek (CZ), Enzo Lavarra (IT), Nele Sober (EE), Paulo Castro (PT), Pete Rawcliffe (UK) and Olaf Holm (FR).

The General Assembly took place in Sao Pedro do Sul, Portugal and marked the beginning of the first day of EUROPARC Conference 2017.

During the coming days, conservation and the well-being of communities will be analysed by over 300 participants from several countries, at EUROPARC Conference. See all the programme at