The Estonian National Parks have a new home(page)

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In the end of November, the Estonian Environmental Board launched a new website, where you can find information about Estonian national parks and other protected areas in Estonia. The website is available in English and Russian and includes information about the natural, historical and cultural heritage of Estonian protected areas, as well as events taking place there.

 „18,7% of the mainland and 26% of water is under protection, to maintain our unique nature. The nature conservation system in Estonia is over 100 years old and has become more complex over the years.

said Environmental Board nature conservation advisor Kaja Lotman, adding that with “this new website we are striving towards gathering all the relevant nature protection information into one portal and to explain the system to our local inhabitants and also visitors in an understandable language.“

Lahemaa national park, estonia

Lahemaa National Park, Estonia © Toomas Tuul

The first phase of the website included the Estonian national parks:

  • Matsalu National Park
  • Lahemaa National Park
  • Karula National Park
  • Vilsandi National Park
  • Soomaa National Park

and the 5 most important protected areas

  • Alam-Pedja Nature Reserve
  • Endla Nature Reserve
  • Haanja Nature Park
  • Otepää Nature Park
  • Viidumäe Nature Reserve.

The selection of these protected areas is based on the multiplicity of public events, visitor capacity and the active participation of local inhabitants. Visitors can easily have access to a calendar of activities of each Protected Areas. At the same  time, Protected Areas are invited to report directly their activities, in a process that Kaja Lotman believes will bring a better connection between people and nature:

Our wish is that this website enhances cooperation between local communities, different stakeholders, visitors and nature conservation officials. We also hope that people comprehend why a certain area is under protection and how various stakeholders can facilitate the maintenance of values in these protected areas.

The website is permanently being updated and other Estonian protected areas will be added soon.