April 21st – Join the swarm for World Fish Migration Day 2018!

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The World Fish Migration Foundation coordinates World Fish Migration Day 2018 (WFMD) – connecting Fish, Rivers and People all over the globe through a wave of local events. Each of them aiming to create awareness on the importance of open rivers and migratory fish. Following the idea that creating awareness and connection are the first vital steps towards creating lasting commitments for making change happen globally.


Learn all about the inspiring happening in this 4-minute clip:

How does it work?

In every country, organisations host their own events – some internally, but mainly open to the public. What matters most is to create experiences that reach people and make them aware how fish migration matters to our eco-system and to communities’ livelihoods.

The idea is to inspire, share experiences and create connectedness from where joint commitment and actions can arise at global level. All of us, with our organisations are asked to spread awareness about the need for protection and development of migratory fish populations in river systems worldwide.

Why Migratory Fish Matters?

Many migratory fish species – reliant on migration to reproduce and to feed – are severely threatened by dams, weirs and sluices. Those man-made interventions interfere with rivers’ natural flow and that way with migratory routes. Migratory fish are essential to healthy and productive river systems and they play a vital role in the food chain – being an important food supply and livelihood for millions of people around the world after all.

How to get involved?

Inspire the swarm in Social Media: Check out events planned in your country and promote them using the hashtag: #worldfishmigrationday

Fish for attention & host your own event: Participating organizations organize their own event and outreach communication under the umbrella of the World Fish Migration Day (WFMD). Register and get some support guidelines by the WMFF: HERE.

Why hosting a WMFD event –  and what to do? Watch this short videoclip with National Geographic Fellow Dr. Zeb Hogan reporting s from Cambodia!

Need some more inspiration? Here you can find a global map of events planned so far for 2018.

Become a supporter organisation – help WFMD swimming upstream: The WFMD is supported by many organisations around the world, who help communicate and reach out to others. Have a look at other supporting organisations – could you be one of them?