Quarrying in Parks and N2000 sites: looking for members with experience to share

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For those whose parks or N2000 sites are/were affected by quarrying:

EUROPARC will be working with Sibelco, a sand quarrying company to look at some of the challenges of mitigating quarrying activities, especially for biodiversity. 

We are looking for 5 members with experience of this who would be willing to work with EUROPARC and Sibelco to establish protocols, partnership and guidance for sites that have some impacts from the quarrying industry.

We need good case studies and volunteers from inside the EUROPARC membership.

A free workshop/technical meeting will be held in Belgium on 18/19th April.

If you are interested in sharing your experience and joining the workshop, please:

  • contact EUROPARC to b.pais @ europarc.org with the topic “Quarrying in Parks”
  • send a short description of the quarrying activities that take/took place in your Protected Area
  • briefly tell us how your experience might be relevant to other Parks across Europe. 

Feel free to share it with your colleagues across Europe. Together, let’s minimize impacts and support parks and companies better protecting our landscape and biodiversity values.