“Sport & Biodiversity” by IUCN and the International Olympic Committee

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A new guide on Sport and Biodiversity was last week launched by IUCN and the International Olympic Committee (IOC). The guide aims to support sports organisations in one hand, better understanding the impact of their activities on biodiversity and, on the other hand, to identify new opportunities to enhance nature conservation.

Strengthening the alliance between sport and nature can provide a powerful contribution to halting biodiversity loss, ensuring a healthy environment that benefits all of society.

The intention is that a broad range of stakeholders involved in the planning and implementation of sporting events will benefit from the guidance offered, including city authorities, planners, architects, venue owners, government officials, national and international sports federations and local organising committees.

The guide is the first in a series of publications that the IUCN will produce as part of its partnership with the IOC. Under the collaborative agreement, the IUCN has already provided key input on the Candidature Process for the Olympic Games 2024 and a range of other areas related to the IOC’s Sustainability Strategy.

Download the guide here. 

More information available on IUCN’s website.