Call for good practices: Forest management for climate change adaption

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New management models for Mediterranean Forests

Mediterranean Forest © David Morris

Natura 2000 Mediterranean Forest Habitats Forests are key ecosystems in the Mediterranean region. They provide many services to society, but at the same time
they are subject to serious threats. In Spain, over 50% of Natura 2000 area is covered by forests. Their environmental value is still very high, but the changes they have suffered in recent times, due to the abandonment of traditional activities and climate change effects, demand the development of new management models focused on the maintenance of ecosystem services.

Call for good practices: Forest Management

EUROPARC Spain, with the project Life RedBosques, is looking for new models, combining scientific knowledge on forest conservation and forest adaptation to climate change. Although a large body of high-quality scientific literature is available, it needs to be effectively translated into actual management practices.

EUROPARC Spain is currently looking for good practices from across Europe on forest management, that target nature conservation and climate change adaption.

If you have good practices to share, please download the form, fill it and send it back to redbosques @ Thank you for your contribution!

About the LIFE RedBosques & Old-growth Forests

Earlier this year, EUROPARC Spain also launched the manual “Old-growth forests: characteristics and conservation value”, which provides an exhaustive review of the scientific state of the art on forest maturity and its different meanings, and synthesizes the most significant and observable characteristics of old-growth stands. The manual also describes biodiversity levels within old-growth forests and identifies species that are indicators of forest maturity.

To know more about the project please download the information sheet or follow up the latest project updates on

Click on the image to download the manual launched earlier this year, about Old-growth Forests.