Greece hosts the XI Charter Network Meeting 2019

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Every two years, the EUROPARC network of Sustainable Destinations applying the European Charter for Sustainable Tourism in Protected Areas comes together to exchange experience and best practice.

In 2019, we will celebrate the XI Charter Network Meeting in Greece between the 9-11th April, with a special post-conference excursion until the 14th April!

The XI Charter Network Meeting is kindly hosted by the Tzoumerka, Acheloos Valley, Agrafa and Meteora National Park, who will ensure an amazing Greek experience.

The social and cultural impacts of tourism: Exploring a Sustainable response

With visitor pressure increasing in many European Protected Areas, we need to look at tourism with a different mindset. How to manage visitor flows? How to increase the social and economic benefits to local communities? The programme will be launch in January, but we can reveal that there will be inspiring keynote speakers in the plenary session, intense (and very practical) workshops and amazing fieldtrips in the Park.

This edition, Tzoumerka National Park is offering a special 2 day post-conference between the 12-14th April for those who would like to have the chance to visit Meteora.

Where is it and how to get there?

The meeting will take place in the Pramanta town, municipality of North Tzoumerka, Region of Epirus. The National Park will kindly provide transfers on the 8th April from:

  • Thessaloniki Airport
  • Athens Airport
  • For those arriving by ferry from Italy, a transfer will be arranged from Igoumenitsa Port

Transfers will be ensured on the 12th am and 14th am (for those joining the post conference excursion).

Registrations and all information you need in this Page.