The Best of 2018 – Protected Areas In-Sight 2018

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The annual journal of the EUROPARC Federation is out. Following the theme of EUROPARC Conference 2018 and the launch of the Youth Manifesto, we bring you an insightful look at how Parks can be inspired by the next Generation.

In a society increasingly driven by technology and geared towards rapid progress, Protected Areas offer a particularly valuable balance for young people (and the rest of us), to slow down, discover, think and become actively involved in nature.

In return, our Protected Areas can benefit greatly from their creative energy, unconventional thinking and understanding of the younger generation’s needs. We believe that young people have a vital role to play in caring for E

urope’s natural heritage.

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Inspiring the Next Generation of Nature Conservationists

One of the highlights of this edition is the interview with Hendrikus Van Hensbergen, (a young entrepreneur himself) Chief Executive Officer of Action for Conservation, a charity focused on fostering adn supporting the involvement of youngsters in nature conservation. In this interview, Hendrikus speaks about how the charity Action for Conservation was founded, its role at local level and the possibilities that working in synergy with Parks and institutions like EUROPARC could bring.